About the Chef

Christopher Freeman was born and raised in Mississippi and has cooked all over the Southern region of the United States. He currently lives in Beverly Hills California after spending four years in the Napa Valley of California, providing Private Chef,  catering, and restaurant consulting services.

Chef Freeman’s connection with indigenous game and seafood and its preparation began long before his entrance into the professional arena. From a very young age the Chef has been hunting, fishing, cleaning and trimming everything he hunted or caught. This innate knowledge of food direct from the earth and sea gives him a very definable style. Often recipes are revisions of much guarded family secrets, with Creole, continental French and American cuisine.

The first dishes he learned to prepare were food that was caught in the Gulf of Mexico, the Bayou Bernard, or harvested from the family garden. Simple dishes with complex undertones like Seafood Gumbo with fresh crab and shrimp stock, and vegetables like fresh peppers, green tomatoes, okra –  all caught and grown by the family, always fresh and delicious. Since arriving in California in 2006, the Chef has cooked with the best in his field including Wine Spectator Restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America and Cindy Pawlcyn’s Go Fish Restaurant. He never ceases to learn about the indigenous foods of the region, wherever he may be, combining this knowledge with a Southern flair.

Entering the restaurant business at the age of nineteen, Chef Freeman performed every function from Buffet Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Cuisine, up to Executive Chef, cooking for nearly two decades in every kind of restaurant from white linen formal service to specialty barbeque catering. He was born to be a chef and loves planning and preparing for wonderful food better than anything. Have just one bite of Christopher Freeman’s food and you’ll know that you have a plate full of Southern love.

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